White Planet – Part II

The Legacy of the Aedifizier

White Planet – Part II, Book 2

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Released on June 16, 2024

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Secrets of the New World…

It is one thing to stand up against your enemies, but quite another to overcome your own mistakes. Mehdia dared to stand against the tyranny of the Commander – for the benefit of an alien species – for the sake of the aedifizier.

Together with her friends, she now faces the challenge of finding and saving what remains of the once great civilization. But what was the reason for the downfall of the aedifizier? What if the enemy hasn’t yet shown its true face?

Events on Earth are unfolding rapidly. The warning Vélia received from the anarchist leader Hail proved true, enabling her to save the lives of the Council and thus the pillars of the New World from being overthrown. But the price for it was high. Perhaps too high.
Vélia delves into the darkest secrets of the Council and is forced to question everything that defines her. And she is faced with a decision that will not only change her life forever.

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