White Planet – Part I

The Legacy of the Aedifizier

White Planet – Part I, Book 1

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Released on March 1, 2024

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Departure to the Stars…

Mehdia, a girl from the agricultural zones far from the major core cities, gets a unique opportunity. Due to her extraordinary talents, she is assigned as a technician to humanity’s first interstellar expedition ship – the Conquistador. This vessel, with its crew, is set to travel to the planet Sonos in a foreign solar system to locate the source of an unknown signal and decipher the message.

Since the great Unification Wars, the world has become a peaceful place. However, beneath the facade, unrest stirs, which Vélia, a soldier in a special operations command of the UCA, keenly feels. The security of the New World is threatened by system refusers, agitators, and anarchists. Her encounter with their leader challenges Vélia’s entire worldview, and soon she must question whether the world is really what it pretends to be.

The beginning of an entirely new epic in the science fiction world, taking newcomers and fans of the genre alike into worlds never before seen.

Book Prize Nominations

Nominated for the Literature Prize
-Seraph 2023-

The Phantastische Akademie e. V. was founded in 2011 with the purpose of promoting the fantasy genre in the general literary industry.

The SERAPH is a jury prize dedicated to awarding the best German-language novels in the fantasy genre.
Since 2012, the Phantastische Akademie has been awarding the literature prize annually in cooperation with the Leipzig Book Fair in the prize-money categories of Best Novel, Best Debut, and since 2018, Best Independent Title.

Nine novels have made it to the selection for the Best Independent Title.
Among them: White Planet – Part I

Nominated for the Award
-Skoutz-Award 2023-

Only the story counts. From this simple realization, Skoutz was born in 2015. Skoutz aims to find the story that fits each individual.

Every year, Skoutz honors the stories that have particularly appealed to them in the current book year.
They – that is the Skoutz jury, composed of the winners of the previous year, and the Skoutz readers. Where the story comes from is irrelevant. Whether the book is from a major publisher or self-published by the author, whether it’s written by a seasoned writer or is a debut – only the story counts.

Nine novels have made it to the selection for the science fiction genre.
Among them: White Planet – Part I

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