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The Legacy of the Aedifizier – Booster Packs

€ 5,90 [D] per collective booster – plus Shipping

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Each booster contains 6 randomly selected trading cards of the book characters from the book series. These include the characters from “White Planet – Part I / Part II”, as well as glimpses of the future story.

The 6 trading cards always include 5 basic cards and a hand-signed holo card! (Shipping only available in the EU)

34 available

Immerse yourself in the book world of “The Legacy of the Aedifizier” and experience your favorite characters up close:

-Discover the collectible boosters with exclusive book character trading cards!

Welcome to the world of “The Legacy of the Aedifizier” – a sci-fi world that captivates newcomers and die-hard science fiction fans alike. Now you have the unique opportunity to experience your favorite book characters in a completely new way: through the breathtaking collectible boosters with exclusive collectible cards.

The magic of the book characters captured vividly

These trading cards are more than just cards – they are windows into the world of your beloved book characters. Each trading card has been carefully designed to capture the essence of the characters as envisioned by the author and give you an overview of their relationships. Whether you’re a loyal fan of the book or just dipping your toes into the world of The Aedifier’s Legacy, these cards will ignite your enthusiasm and show you the characters in a unique way!

A must for collectors and fans

Collectible boosters are not just for die-hard collectors, but also for all fans of the book who want to delve deeper into the story. Each pack contains a random selection of 6 high-quality trading cards, from main characters to minor characters – always including a holo card. Collect them all, swap them with friends and complete your menagerie, or give them as gifts to other reading enthusiasts! There are no limits to your creativity!

Quality that impresses

Every single card has been designed and produced with attention to detail. Each card is a work of art in itself, with vibrant colors, stunning illustrations and a finish that ensures long-lasting enjoyment. The high-quality materials ensure that your trading cards will stand the test of time and remain a valuable memento of your journey through the world of “The Legacy of the Aedifizier”.

How to get your trading cards

Acquiring your own “The Legacy of the Aedifizeir” collectible booster is easy. At this stage, simply contact the author directly and ask for your desired number of collective booster packs. If and as soon as possible, the author will confirm your request and inform you whether your order can be accepted and processed. You can look forward to an exciting surprise, as each pack contains a random selection of trading cards. Your favorite characters are waiting for you to discover them!

Please note: The collectible boosters are only available in limited editions and may sell out quickly. An order, especially for larger quantities, can therefore lead to longer delivery times.

Illustration created by the artist "Thane Mento". Digital Painting of the character "Cortana" from the Game-Series "Halo".

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