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Born in 1993 in Munich, Germany, Mathias Dambacher has not only made a name for himself in the legal world as an in-house counsel in a major company in Ingolstadt, but has also established himself as a successful science fiction author.

His impressive debut, “The White Planet – Part I“, marks his stunning entry into the world of science fiction, where he creates a completely new world for his readers. Focusing on suspenseful narratives and the development of authentic characters within the subgenre of soft science fiction, Dambacher’s efforts were recognized by the direct nomination of his debut novel “The White Planet – Part I“ for the german literary award “SERAPH 2023” in the shortlist category: Best-Indie-Title, and in the same year for the “SKOUTZ-AWARD 2023” literature prize in the science fiction category.

Inspired by soft SF authors like John Scalzi, Ramez Naam, Thariot, Daniel Suarez, and George Lucas, Dambacher continues his literary journey to push the boundaries of imagination and transport readers into fascinating, new universes.

“A book is more than just printed letters on paper.
Each one has its own soul.”

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Mathias Dambacher

Mathias Dambacher


I’m glad you’ve come to my page and are interested in learning more about the person behind the stories.

My enthusiasm for writing sprang from my lifelong love of reading. As a teenager, I loved experiencing adventures in books and discovering new worlds. This passion has become an integral part of my life and inspired me to tell my own stories.

The decisive step on my path as an author was the beginning of my writing career in 2018. Since then, it has been an exciting journey full of learning, discoveries, and personal development. Perhaps you’re even holding the result of this journey in your hands – my first book.

But this is just the beginning of my story. I have so many more ideas and tales I want to share with you. Every new story is another adventure, and I warmly invite you to join me on this exciting journey.

Stay curious and look forward to many more stories we will discover together. Your support and interest mean a lot to me, and I look forward to continuing this wonderful journey with you.

Charice Dambacher

Charice Dambacher


My muse, my editor, and my critic – An invaluable part of my writing

When I talk about writing, one person must not go unmentioned: My wife, who is not only my partner in life but also my right hand in my literary work. Every text, every story idea, and every chapter of my work passes through her experienced hands. From the first draft to the final editing and proofreading, she is the one with whom I share every idea and every sentence. Without her irreplaceable support and advice, I would not be the author I am today.

From the first day of our collaboration, she has always managed to provide me with honest and constructive feedback. Her candid judgment has enabled me to continually evolve and refine my manuscripts. Her ability to see the potential in my stories while remaining critical is a true treasure.

There were chapters that ended up in the trash, but just as many that became what they are today through her praise and encouragement. She is more than just a member of my book team – she is an editor par excellence, a source of inspiration, and a pillar without whom my books would not be what they are today.

Take a look at my books to see the result of our joint work and become part of our shared journey into the worlds of science fiction.



Work-Life-Balance Coach

My four-legged work-life balance manager

In my team, there’s an irreplaceable star who ensures that work and leisure stay in perfect harmony around the clock – Lenny, my faithful friend. He is living proof that a healthy mind needs a healthy body. With him by my side, my stress level always stays in the green zone.

Our daily cuddling sessions and silly moments are the perfect antidote to writing stress. And when it comes to fitness, he’s the trainer who never accepts an excuse. A round of walking? Always! He’s my personal fitness guru and mood booster in one.

His enthusiasm is contagious, especially when he zips through the rooms like a whirlwind to inform me that visitors are at the door. His joy is boundless and always reminds me to appreciate the little things in life.

I am proud to be part of Team “dog”. He’s not just man’s best friend but also a masterful manager of work-life balance. Thanks to him, my life is twice as beautiful, and my work as an author is much more balanced.



Work-Life-Balance Coach

“Every progress takes place outside one’s comfort zone”

Writing – More than just a hobby

The book that will change your life the most is the one you write yourself.

This sentence, which I read a long time ago, has proven more than true. As a passionate science fiction author and enthusiastic reader, writing is more than a hobby for me. It’s an expedition into unknown worlds, an opportunity to live countless lives in distant galaxies and plunge into breathtaking adventures.

On my website, I share my fascination with the science fiction genre. My books, like “White Planet – Part I” and “White Planet – Part II“, transport you into a captivating blend of futuristic technology, interstellar adventures, profound characters, and complex ethical questions, all set in a rich and detailed science fiction world. They are a portal that allows you to transcend the limits of reality and immerse yourself in a world full of innovation and unexplored technologies.

Who hasn’t had a moment in a science fiction novel, or any other book, where you think: “Why did this character do that?” or “I would have taken the character in a totally different direction!” That’s exactly when it’s time to pick up the pen. If stories of alien planets and intergalactic adventures are forming in your head that you want to share with the world, it’s time to write your own reality.

Feel free to visit other pages on my website to dive into my science fiction worlds and discover how my stories can inspire you to create your own universes.

Science Fiction – More Than a Genre

My decision to focus on science fiction in the world of books was a very conscious choice.

But why science fiction, in a world overflowing with books and genres of all kinds? My literary journey began with fantasy, moved through thrillers, and occasionally brushed the dark corners of the horror genre. Yet, it was the science fiction genre that ignited my deepest passion.


Science fiction is more than just a genre – it’s an infinite canvas for the imagination. On my website and in my books, I explore these boundless realms. Science fiction offers wonderful worlds and unimaginable technologies that almost seem magical. They are visions of a possible future for humanity, serving both as hope and as a warning. These stories show us new possibilities and challenge us to handle them responsibly.

So, why read science fiction?

Because this genre is the only literary form where the only limits are those we set for ourselves. It is a genre that encourages us to think beyond the obvious and explore new horizons. In my books, I invite you to dive into this fascinating world with me. My books from the series “The Legacy of the Aedifizier” are not just narratives; they are invitations to shape the future and dream the impossible.