The Legacy of the Aedifizier

The Legacy of the Aedifizier

White Planet – Part I, Book 1

Mehdia, a girl from the agricultural zones far away from the major core cities, receives a unique opportunity. Due to her exceptional talents, she is assigned as a technician to humanity’s first interstellar expedition ship – the Conquistador. The mission is to travel to the planet Sonos in a foreign solar system to locate the source of an unknown signal and decipher the message.

Since the great Unification Wars, the world has become a peaceful place. However, beneath the facade, unrest stirs, as Vélia, a soldier of a special operations command of the VKA, experiences firsthand. The security of the New World is threatened by system refusers, agitators, and anarchists. An encounter with their leader challenges Vélia’s entire worldview, and soon she must question whether the world is really what it seems to be.

Release on March 1, 2024

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Mathias Dambacher

Science fiction author

Born in 1993 in Munich, Germany, Mathias Dambacher has not only made a name for himself in the legal world as an in-house counsel in a major company in Ingolstadt, but has also established himself as a successful science fiction author.

His impressive debut, “The White Planet – Part I“, marks his stunning entry into the world of science fiction, where he creates a completely new world for his readers. Focusing on suspenseful narratives and the development of authentic characters within the subgenre of soft science fiction, Dambacher’s efforts were recognized by the direct nomination of his debut novel “The White Planet – Part I“ for the german literary award “SERAPH 2023” in the shortlist category: Best-Indie-Title, and in the same year for the “SKOUTZ-AWARD 2023” literature prize in the science fiction category.

Inspired by soft SF authors like John Scalzi, Ramez Naam, Thariot, Daniel Suarez, and George Lucas, Dambacher continues his literary journey to push the boundaries of imagination and transport readers into fascinating, new universes.